Current Transformer & Water Meter Sales

Current Transformers & Accessories

These Class 0.5S Current Transformers are designed and type tested to full compliance with AS60044.1–2007 and have type test certificates from a NATA-accredited laboratory. These Current Transformers comply with the requirements of the National Electricity Rules.

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Type CTS - AS60044.1
Class 0.5S Ratio 200/5 Burden 5VA,
Maximum load of 80 - 400A

Current Transformer - S Type 

$324.00 set of 3
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Type CTT - AS60044.1
Class 0.5S Ratio 800/5
Burden 15VA maximum load >200A - 1600A

Current Transformer - T Type 

$429.00 set of 3
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Type CTU - AS60044.1
Class 0.5S Ratio 2000/5
Burden 15VA maximum load >1500A – 4000A

Current Transformer - U Type 

$1,245.00 set of 3
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Type CTW - AS60044.1
Class 0.5S Ratio 1500/5
Burden 15VA maximum load >800A - 3000A

Current Transformer - W Type 

$617.00 set of 3
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This Meter Test Block is the industry-accepted ESAA pattern, configured to the NSW requirements (ESAA Mk1 Test Block without shorting links or star point on CT non-polarities) and compliant with the NSW SIR and PLUS ES Metering Provider requirements.

Test Block (Low Voltage Current Transformer Metering)  

$106.00 each

Water Meters & Accessories

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Single jet dry dial meter EVZP
Cold water up to 30 °C, hot water up to 90 °C
Nominal flow Qn 1.5 and Qn 2.5
Meter length 80, 110, 130 mm
Integrated potential-free pulse output

Water Meter Model S110 - 15mm warm water meter with pulse output. 10L/pulse. Non-return Valve included. 

$100.00 each

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