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The ASP and Solar Partner Service is the alignment between PLUS ES, the Retailers and ASP and Solar Partners to work together towards a market-leading meter installation service:

  • An optimal customer experience through a streamlined meter installation process.
  • A simple meter deployment process for end customers.
  • Free meter deployment training and accreditation.
  • Direct access to order PLUS ES meters.
  • A dedicated team that will help to get your work orders quickly and assist you on complicated multi-occupancy jobs.
  • PLUS ES Installer and Partner Portal as your one-stop shop to submit applications to multiple retailers.
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PLUS ES uses the Rapid Global Contractor and Compliance Management system for service quality assurance and safety.

Login to Rapid Global

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You can pick up our meters from an electrical store near you. To find a store near you, please click the button below.

TLE Artarmon02 9437 5844
Haymans Ballina02 6686 9121
TLE Batemans Bay02 4472 5733
TLE Bathurst02 6332 9500
GO Electrical Belmont02 4922 8200
TLE Brookvale02 9938 3516
Haymans Cardiff02 4953 6024
TLE Caringbah02 9526 7712
TLE Castle Hill02 9634 2666
GO Electrical Charmhaven02 4394 8600
TLE Charmhaven02 4393 9755
TLE Chatswood02 98823678
TLE Coffs Harbour02 6652 5333
TLE Dubbo02 6881 8300
TLE Fyshwick (ACT)02 6280 6933
TLE Gosford West02 4324 7555
TLE Goulburn02 4821 5200
Haymans Maitland02 4931 9434
TLE Moss Vale02 4868 1915
TLE Oak Flats02 4257 4011
TLE Orange02 6362 3200
TLE Port Macquarie02 6581 1522
TLE Prestons02 9826 0800
TLE Smeaton Grange02 4646 1099
TLE South Windsor02 4577 4955
TLE Tamworth02 6762 4003
Haymans Tweed Heads07 5524 4488
TLE Wagga Wagga02 6921 1833
TLE Wollongong02 4229 9377
TLE Yamba02 6645 8450

Or you can also easily order electricity meters to be delivered to you directly via our website shopfront by clicking the link below:


Meter Return

If you are our accredited ASP or Solar Partner,

Please ensure the following meter types are returned to TLE stores within 10 business days of removal.

Active Stream or PLUS ES branded meters

• Mk10E
• Mk10D
• Mk7A
• Mk7C

All network meters or meters owned by other Meter Providers should be returned to their designated locations in accordance with the owner’s instructions.

If you have identified any PLUS ES meters that are out-of-the-box faulty, please mark them on the box when you return the meter to TLE stores or advise the staff at TLE Stores so that they can record this information.

If you are an installer completing work for other Meter Providers,

Please ensure the following meter types are returned to Unit 3, 21 Enterprises Street, Cleveland, QLD, 4163 within 10 business days of removal.

All PLUS ES and Active Stream branded meters and all Ausgrid / TCA branded meters removed outside Ausgrid’s Local Network Service Area

• Mk10E
• Mk10D
• Mk7A
• Mk7C

Please return all Ausgrid and TCA-branded electronic meters that were removed inside of Ausgrid’s Local Network Service Area to the designated return locations as per Ausgrid policy

How do I become an accredited ASP or Solar Partner?

Please complete the Expression of Interest form.

Our team will contact you once we have received your application.

Which Australian Energy Retailers does PLUS ES work with?

PLUS ES works with most major energy retailers and there are more than 50 of them!

Installers can raise requests through the PLUS ES Partner Portal directly to major retailers. To check if you can submit an application to any other retailer your customer is already with, you can ask the retailer if they will raise the job to PLUS ES for you as per the customer’s Power of Choice. Alternatively, you can use our Installer Enquiry Form to contact us if you need help getting through to the energy retailer..

How do I download the Barking App onto my mobile phone or tablet?

If you are already accredited with PLUS ES to install meters and need help to log in to the Barking App, please call Retriever Barking App Support on 1300 132 485.

How do I download the PLUS ES Partner Portal to raise metering requests to Energy Retailers?

If PLUS ES has already granted you access, you can use your email address to log in or reset your password here. If you want to be part of the PLUS ES family, Contact Us so we can get you set up.

I am a PLUS ES Accredited Installer. Do I have to use the PLUS ES Partner Portal to submit an application for my customer’s smart meter?

No, there are other ways to raise a metering service request, but we think you will find that raising through the PLUS ES Partner Portal is the best way. The PLUS ES Partner Portal empowers you to submit the application on the customer’s behalf so you can be ready to install the meter as soon as your customer is ready.

If you choose to deal with each energy retailer directly, you will need to ensure they raise the job to PLUS ES with your correct details on their paperwork.

What if my customer does not want communications installed in their smart meter? What are the customer’s rights?

Customers can contact their energy retailer to disable or re-enable communication to the digital meter; however, energy retailers may charge manual read fees.

You can refer customers to the Smart Meters Frequently Asked Questions on the Australian (Government) Energy Regulator website (external link).

Smart Meters FAQs (Australian Energy Regulator website)

What if I need to arrange for a Current Transformer CT Meter to be installed?

You can ask the energy retailer to nominate PLUS ES for the installation and coordinate with us.

Once PLUS ES receives a Service Order for a CT Meter, one of our specialised technicians can coordinate the installation with you. Alternatively, you can Contact Us once you have raised the request to the retailer.

Are Activestream Whole Current Meters the same as PLUS ES Meters?

Yes. PLUS ES owns and maintains Activestream meters.

Need to get in contact?

Please use the following numbers to contact PLUS ES:

1800 775 341 – Installer In-field communication issue (NOC), Rapid Global support, accreditation and training, technical support and ASP Assist.

1300 132 485 – For assistance with Barking app IT issues.

1300 760 626 – For assistance with CT metering and any other enquiries.