Metering and Data Services

PLUS ES is dedicated to helping Australian business optimise energy consumption through the latest in metering and data delivery, plus tailored Embedded Network solutions.

Metering and Data

PLUS ES is dedicated to helping Australian business optimise energy consumption through the latest in metering and data delivery, plus tailored Embedded Network solutions.

Metering Services

PLUS ES is a dedicated provider of metering services for both large and small markets and is registered as a Metering Coordinator and Embedded Network Manager under the Australian Energy Market Operator’s ‘Power of Choice’ regulation.


Data Management

PLUS ES has a suite of online interfaces for customers to better measure, monitor and manage their energy consumption.


Embedded Networks

PLUS ES is proud to be a leading service provider to Embedded Network operators and registered as an Embedded Network Manager. Learn how PLUS ES can assist to develop a solution.


Utility Services

PLUS ES provides various services to a number of Utilities in Australia.  We pride ourselves on our comprehensive Utility services offering.


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SA Smarter Homes: Appointment of Relevant Agent

The South Australian Government as a part of SA Smarter Homes has announced a series of new regulations that apply to solar installations from September 28th 2020. The regulations require a customer to appoint an approved Relevant Agent when installing a Solar system. The Relevant Agent’s role is to manage requests from Authorised Parties in South Australia.

PLUS ES is registered as a Relevant Agent that can be nominated and appointed by an owner or operator of an electricity generating plant. Customers electing PLUS ES must download the form below and return the form to to initiate the Relevant Agent agreement directly with PLUS ES.

Download Customer Agreement (PDF)

Do you have more questions?

Firstly, please review our Frequently Asked Questions.

Should you have any further questions regarding the role of Relevant Agent, please submit an enquiry to

Have you already nominated SA Power Networks (SAPN)?

You may have elected to nominate SA Power Networks (SAPN) with PLUS ES as a Technology Partner as the Relevant Agent for your site.  In this case, contact SAPN in the first instance re the Relevant Agent role and PLUS ES if you have any queries about the technology solution via your electricity meter.  The following link will allow you to nominate the Relevant agent with SAPN – SAPN Relevant Agent Form.

PLUS ES is supporting the SA regulations with regard to new and upgraded solar installations. PLUS ES use the technology of the installed advanced meter to meet the obligations of a Relevant Agent (RA) and as a Technology Partner to an RA where the RA is SA Power Networks.

PLUS ES can continue to be the metering provider. There is not an obligation on the Metering Provider to switch a 3 Phase site. The customer will need to nominate the Solar Manufacturer as the Relevant Agent or as the Technology Partner to SAPN.

Nominate PLUS ES as the RA, as our metering technology enables us to remotely disconnect/reconnect the Solar Unit without the reliance on the customers internet connection. Thereby, PLUS ES are able to meet the requirements of the SA regulation on your behalf.

No, only if you have a solar system installed after 28th September 2020.

AEMO (Australian Electricity Market Operator) or the Government notifies PLUS ES to disconnect generation from the network, as the agent we will complete the disconnect. In turn, once we are notified to reconnect generation, we will do so.

The solar installer is responsible for making sure the system is installed and commissioned correctly in order to comply with the new regulation.

Need more info?

Please contact the PLUS ES team for more detailed information.