Data Management

PLUS ES has a suite of online interfaces for customers to better measure, monitor and manage their energy consumption. With the commitment by Australia to move to Net Zero emissions by 2050, managing your electricity more effectively could not be more important.

WebGraphs and Data Forwarding
WebGraphs is a cost-effective way to measure, monitor, and manage your energy usage. The system provides up to date access to graphs, reports, and raw data from your electricity meter. Coupling your high voltage metering installation with WebGraphs will provide you with valuable information relating to your high voltage installation.

Data forwarding will provide daily meter data in the National Electricity Market NEM12 format to an email address of your choice. Contact us today for further information in relation to establishing WebGraphs or Data Forwarding for new or existing PLUS ES metering.
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Our high voltage meter fleet can support a MODBUS connection to your selected industrial interface. Since it is an open protocol and is easy to implement, it is one of the most popular industrial interface protocols and can transfer a lot more data of much higher precision than the traditional pulse retransmission systems. Contact us today for your MODBUS needs.

Our high voltage meter fleet supports pulse retransmission systems. If your site utilises a pulse retransmission system, reach out to the team today and we will support you thorough the process of connecting to our high voltage meter. Contact us today for your retransmission needs.

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