PLUS ES installs one millionth meter two years ahead of schedule

Following PLUS ES’s industry debut in 2017, the business has fast become one of the largest operations of its kind in Australia, last week installing its one millionth meter across the National Electricity Market.

This significant milestone, achieved two years ahead of schedule, demonstrates the business’ commitment to enabling an affordable, resilient and net-zero future for all homes and businesses across Australia.

Originally slated to reach its one millionth meter installation in 2024, PLUS ES have met this milestone by deploying tens of thousands of meters each month to help enable businesses across Australia to build our future communities.

Executive General Manager of Emerging Energy Solutions, Jason Clark, was on site with Metering Technician Kristen Nelson when the millionth meter was installed in Denistone to enable a new solar PV system connection.

PLUS ES Executive General Manager of Emerging Energy Solutions, Jason Clark, said, “This is a huge achievement, and one we have been able to achieve safely, with our customers at the forefront of what we do.”

“Installing meters is just one of the many ways we deliver for our customers while we continue to work towards a net zero future. I want to thank our customers, partners, field technicians, suppliers and, importantly, our staff.  It is the great work and the coordinated efforts of all these teams that make PLUS ES the business it is today”, Clark continued.

Australia’s smart meter penetration has been driven by the uptake of customer energy resources. The cutting-edge smart meter technology unlocks more accurate and timely energy usage insights and gives more control to customers to enable innovative price, product and retail offerings.

PLUS ES’ latest metering technology is also capable of flexible load management, allowing customers to reduce energy bills with optimised solar PV usage, and improves network reliability and safety through advanced diagnostic measurements.

Growth in behind-the-meter technologies through solar PV, batteries and electric vehicles, these smart meters are a critical part of the energy transition to net zero and will enable optimised load coordination and demand flexibility.

“While this is a great achievement for PLUS ES, the future will be even more exciting as we prepare for an accelerated smart meter rollout. This represents a huge opportunity for PLUS ES to continue to connect communities and empower lives”, concluded Clark.

PLUS ES is well positioned to support an accelerated rollout of smart meter infrastructure by nearly doubling the rate of installations. The economic benefits of smart metering to consumers and the wider electrical industry are expected to be fully realised once smart meters have been rolled out at scale.

PLUS ES is proud to continue providing smart meter market leadership in installation and data delivery. We look forward to continuing our service to the community by delivering safe, reliable and innovative solutions.

For more information about PLUS ES metering services, please visit Metering Services.