Energy management made easy.

WebGraphs is the online web based reporting system that puts you in control with 24 hour access to energy consumption data via the internet. No matter what industry you are in, or how large or small your organisation, it has never been more critical for businesses to measure, monitor and manage their energy consumption.

WebGraphs, the innovative and powerful energy monitoring tool from PLUS ES allows you to do just that. By providing convenient internet access to consumption data from your energy meter WebGraphs can provide detailed reporting on areas such as electricity consumption, CO2 emissions, power quality and water usage. Provision of historical data allows easy benchmarking of current consumption against past performance. Also, since data is updated daily, you can immediately see the benefits of any energy savings initiatives you put into place or identify areas where improvements must be made.

Our expert technical and account management staff have worked closely with some of our top customers to develop a number of valuable and informative reports. As a result, there are more than 10 reports on the system. With a range of mix and match reporting options available you can select the WebGraphs package that suits both your specific needs and your budget.

Our most popular reports include:

  • Energy consumption
  • Energy analysis
  • Maximum demand profile
  • Power quality
  • Year on year trending
  • Water consumption

Put simply, WebGraphs is energy management made easy.

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