High Power Testing

High Power Testing

Located in Sydney, our ASTA / NATA accredited high power testing station provides certification testing to Australian and International Standards for electricity transmission and distribution network equipment. We also provide specialist testing services in plant and personal protective equipment plus insulation condition assessment. Our Lane Cove Testing Station services customers locally and from around South East Asia.

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PLUS ES High Power Testing Station

The primary role of Lane Cove Testing Station is to verify the performance of components under fault conditions, load conditions and overload conditions.

This requires the control and measurement of a range of currents and voltages under conditions that are safe for the laboratory, its equipment, staff and customers.

PLUS ES aspires to be the provider of choice in testing solutions delivering outstanding customer service.

Laboratory Accreditation

The Lane Cove Testing Station, located in Sydney NSW, is accredited to AS ISO/IEC 17025 both nationally (NATA) and internationally (ASTA – Intertek Testing and Certification Ltd) and is also accredited to the environmental standard AS/NZS ISO 14001.

Short-circuit testing began in 1930 with a temporary facility at Bunnerong Power Station where the first tests in Australia were performed. Lane Cove Testing Station (LCTS) was established on the present site in 1970 and is Australia’s internationally recognised high power testing facility. Our laboratory is accredited by both NATA and Intertek Testing and Certification Ltd, so we are authorised to issue ASTA Certificates as well as PLUS ES documentation.

We test electrical equipment for manufacturers from all over the world for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Product certification
  • Research and development
  • Investigative (troubleshooting)

Our capabilities include:

  • All types of short-circuit tests – short-time, making and breaking, fuses, earthing equipment
  • Arcing fault containment tests – for worker health and safety
  • Temperature rise – operate equipment and ensure the temperatures stay below limits
  • Ingress protection – degree of protection up to IP68
  • Dielectric tests – power frequency and lightning impulse voltage withstand tests

We test a wide range of equipment including switchboards, switchgear, transformers, earthing equipment, busbar trunking, fuses and insulators.

Have a look below for details such as the typical standards, rated voltage and maximum test capacities for that type of equipment

+ Low voltage switchboards

We can test all types of LV assemblies:

  • Main switchboards up to 10 000A
  • Distribution boards
  • Feeder pillars
  • Consumer units
  • Busbar trunking systems.

As switchboard designs can vary, it is essential that sketches or drawings of the test item be supplied so that we can determine the testing that is required. A convenient file format for drawings is pdf format.

+ Low voltage switchgear

We test manufacturer’s air circuit breakers (ACBs), moulded case circuit breakers (MCCBs), fuse switches, disconnectors automatic transfer switches (ATSEs), motor starters and control devices, miniature circuit breakers (MCBs), residual current devices (RCBs) and residual current operated circuit breakers (RCBOs).

Manufacturers may want to certify a range of equipment, e.g. a circuit breaker frame size. In this case we have to check each model within the frame size to confirm that we have a homogenous series and that there are no construction breaks or variations within the range.

+ High Voltage and Low voltage Fuses

+ High Voltage Switchgear

Typical types of HV switchgear tested are medium voltage switchgear assemblies, circuit breakers, ring main units (RMUs or RMIs), motor starters or combination units, earthing switches and disconnectors.

+ Transformers, Portable Earthing Equipment and Arresters

+ LV Switchboard Testing

In order to issue an ASTA Certificate of Verification tests for an LV switchboard, we need to perform each of the applicable verification tests listed in Annex D of AS & IEC 61439. It is also possible to issue ASTA Certificates for just short-circuit, temperature-rise or dielectric tests.

To help plan the tests, we require information such as the overall size and weight of the switchboard, the rated current of the incoming and outgoing functional units. We also may require some general drawings of the switchboard showing the functional units, the position of the busbars and a single-line diagram that shows the connection of the units.

For each test required we need information on the following:

+ Transformer Testing

LCTS can perform full type tests on a range of distribution transformers and earthing transformers.

For testing enquiries please provide information on the following:

  • Overall dimensions – external drawing
  • Voltage ratio and VA rating
  • Percentage impedance
  • Frequency
  • Cooling medium
  • Winding material (copper of aluminium)
  • Winding construction (wire or foil)
  • Vector group
  • Number of Taps and percentage steps
  • Weight : Total, core and coil
  • Relays : Type and or pressure relief

Please identify test specification, tests required and if applicable test levels and limits

  • Temperature rise
  • Short circuit
  • Lightning Impulse
  • Sound Level
  • Energy Performance (AS2374.1.2)

Lane Cove Testing Station will handle importing and re-exporting of test items on behalf of our Clients and we have an agreement with Australian Customs for exemptions from Import Duty and Tax for equipment being imported for testing by us.

For more information, email: asta@plusES.com.au

Contact Us:
Laboratory Manager: martin.mulcahy@plusES.com.au
Senior Engineering Officer: max.carstedt@plusES.com.au
Telephone: +61 2 9424 3600

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