Utility Services

To assist Utilities in managing their energy data, PLUS ES is committed to providing excellence in data delivery and asset management, with greater transparency and self-sufficiency. PLUS ES has the size and scale to meet any Utilities metering and data needs across the nation.

PLUS ES works in partnership with a number of Utilities in Australia collecting, storing and delivering data for over 2.5 million meters and the largest deployment in Australia of manually read interval meters. PLUS ES provides various meter reading activities, data collection, aggregation, management and data storage services. In addition PLUS ES provides reconnection, disconnection, revenue protection services, Time settings, Life Support, Helpdesk and more. We pride ourselves on our comprehensive Utility services offering.

The PLUS ES team is at the ready to develop a tailored solution for your needs.

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    Our other Metering and Data services


    PLUS ES is a dedicated provider of metering services for both large and small markets and is registered as a Metering Coordinator and Embedded Network Manager under the Australian Energy Market Operator’s ‘Power of Choice’ regulation.



    PLUS ES has a suite of online interfaces for customers to better measure, monitor and manage their energy consumption.


    Embedded Networks

    PLUS ES is proud to be a leading service provider to Embedded Network operators and registered as an Embedded Network Manager. Learn how PLUS ES can assist to develop a solution.